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What is a Pedestal Sump Pump? What are its Uses & Working Mechanism

What is a Pedestal Pump Pump

If you are a homeowner hustling to remove accumulated water from the basement, you must know ‘what is a Pedestal Sump Pump’ .

A pedestal sump pump is a type of pump that is used to remove water that has accumulated in a basement or other low-lying area. It consists of a motor and a pump designed to be installed outside of a sump pit or basin with a pipe that extends down into the bay to draw water in and then discharge it away from the building.

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The pump motor is mounted on a long, narrow pedestal above the sump pit, while the pump is placed at the bottom of the hole. The pedestal and engine are usually made of durable materials such as cast iron or stainless steel, while the pump may be made of plastic or other materials.

Pedestal sump pumps are typically used in residential or commercial buildings to prevent basement flooding. They automatically detect when water levels in the sump pit rise above a certain level and then pump the water out of the hole and away from the building foundation through a discharge pipe. 

What does Pedestal Sump Pump Mean?

The term pedestal sump pump refers to a type of pump designed with a pedestal or column that holds the motor above the sump pit. Pedestal sump pumps are typically used in residential or commercial buildings to prevent flooding in basements or crawl spaces. 

Potential Uses of Pedestal Sump Pumps:

Here are some uses of a pedestal sump pump that can clear your confusion about what is pedestal sump pump:

● Removing water from basements, crawl spaces, and other low-lying areas prone to flooding or water accumulation.

● Protect homes and buildings from water damage caused by heavy rain, melting snow, or plumbing leaks.

● Prevent mold and mildew growth by keeping the humidity level low in damp areas.

● Mitigating moisture-related health problems such as asthma and allergies by reducing the number of airborne pollutants.

● Enhancing indoor air quality by eliminating odors and preventing the spread of contaminants.

● Reducing the risk of structural damage caused by water infiltration and erosion.

● Increasing the value and longevity of property by maintaining a dry and healthy environment.

Potential Uses of Pedestal Sump Pumps, What is a Pedestal Sump Pump

Working Mechanism for a Pedestal Sump Pump:

A pedestal sump pump uses an impeller to pump water from a sump basin. The impeller is mounted on a motor on top of a pedestal above the sump basin. 

As water flows into the basin, it activates a float switch that signals the pump to turn on. The motor drives the impeller, which creates a low-pressure area that draws water into the pump and then pushes it through a discharge pipe to a designated drainage area. 

Once the water level in the sump basin drops below the float switch, the pump turns off until the next cycle.

What is the Best Pedestal Sump Pump?

The best pedestal sump pump can be appropriate for the size of your sump pit and the amount of water you need to pump out. Also, for the best pedestal pump, it must be powerful enough to handle the high volume of water, has a sturdy construction, and offers good value for the money.

Ending Points:

So, a pedestal sump pump is valuable to remove accumulated water from a basement or other low-lying area to provide a dry, healthy environment. For the best pedestal sump pump, it is necessary to have good capacity, sturdy construction, and a cost-effective budget. 

This article helps you understand the pedestal sump pump, its uses, and its working mechanism, giving you a crystal clear view of this pump type.

Pedestal Sump Pump:


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