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How Does a Sump Pump Battery Backup Work? Demystifying Sump Pump Battery Backup Operation

How Does a Sump Pump Battery Backup Work

Are you thinking of installing a battery backup in one of the sump pumps but don’t know how a sump pump battery backup works? You are in the right spot because we have explained the process in the article below.

During the rainy season, most homeowners encounter the failure of a sump pump. That fast rainy water can put a lot of considerable stress on those pumps, especially during power outages. Power outages have become prevalent in most rainy regions and have recently become more frequent.

However, the sump pump easily overlooked this issue by returning the sump pump battery. The battery backup is a significant choice in those crucial situations. The backup will be operational despite stormy weather or freezing temperatures. The sump pump battery backup protects your house from potential water damage.

After researching the topic, we developed a detailed guide explaining sump pump battery backup, so let’s get to it without wasting time.

Understanding Sump Pump Battery Backup System:

Just like all of the regular battery backups, the sump pump battery backup is the same thing. It’s a system designed to fulfill a crucial defense against flooding by providing an extra defense layer of protection.

The sump pump battery backup triggers when the primary pump fails to do what it is doing. It activates, then prevents, and removes excessive water from your basement. Just like other battery backups, this system is also chargeable and equipped with charge.

How Does a Sump Pump Battery Backup Work:

A sump pump is essential to your house by safeguarding it from excessive water. The battery backup provides extra safety when your sump pump power fails. Here are the complete details of how it works.

How Does a Sump Pump Battery Backup Work

Power Outage Detection:

Most modern sump pump backup systems have automatic outage detection. When the main power is disrupted, the battery backup system automatically starts by filling its gaps to ensure protection from floods.

Battery Activation:

The backup system relies on the battery; the batteries are rechargeable and can last 4 to 5 hours. When the power is disrupted, the sump pump backup system is activated, drawing power from its batteries.

Removing Excessive Water:

After the backup system is activated, it starts pumping excessive water from the sump pump pit, and the home water foundation prevents water damage. Pumping excessive water is very important during flooding because stopping the sump pump for a few seconds could fill your basement with water.

Continue Protection:

The backup system can run for a couple of hours to prevent your basement from possible water damage. Sump pump battery backup life expectancy also depends upon battery capacity; the more significant the battery goes, the more time it will address the power outage, and the smaller the battery goes, the less capacity it will have.

Battery charge:

Once the power is restored, the backup can automatically go off and return to a power source. During the power, the battery will recharge and turn on when needed. Checking and charging the battery is very important because it can prevent you from potential water damage.

Benefits of Sump Pump Backup:

Investing in an electric sump pump backup system is very important because it has several benefits, which are given below.

  • Knowing that your basement is protected even if the main power fails or during an outage will give you peace of mind.
  • It keeps pumping the water from your basement if the whole power is disconnected due to a technical issue due to heavy rain.
  • Most of the time, during rain or flooding, power outages, and sump pumps fail, but battery backup can protect your house basement and additional belongings from water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Will a Battery-Powered Backup Sump Pump Last?

The battery power backup sump pump will last up to 4.5 hours. The lasting time of the sump pump battery backup also depends upon battery capacity, which means if it has a big battery, then it will last longer as compared to a small battery.

How Do I Know if My Battery Backup Sump Pump is Working?

Simply by testing it and for testing, you first need to put some water in the sump pump pit and then start the sump pump. When the pump starts, cut off the power and see if the battery backup system is active. If it activities, it works; if not, you must fix it.

Which is Better, Battery Backup or Water Power Sump Pumps?

A water-powered sump pump usually lives longer than a battery backup sump pump. It also requires less maintenance and costs less than a battery-operated pump. So the choice is yours.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Sump Pump Battery Backup?

On average, a regular sump pump battery backup costs up to 900 dollars. Its price can reach 1200$ at maximum, and its lowest price can reach 600$.


Most modern houses have a sump pump installed in their basement to protect them from flooding or the foundation of water. Those pumps pump excessive water from their sump pump pit but sometimes fail due to power loss or technical issues. The sump pump battery backup comes into action after its man sump pump fails.

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