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Best Pedestal Sump Pump for Home Use | Quick Guide with Top 7 Products for Home Use

Best Pedestal Sump Pump for Home Use

Do you want to prevent flooding in your home’s basements? Then you need to invest in the best pedestal sump pump for home use. A high-quality pump can reduce the risk of water damage to property and belongings caused by rising water levels in a sump pit.

Keeping the right pedestal-type pump in your house is all about protecting the structural integrity of a building by preventing water from accumulating in the foundation.

With several options available in the market, let’s discover the right sump pump that can ensure a proper drainage system for your home. Our expert team analyzes a wide range of pedestal pumps to explore the best and most efficient pumps available in the market.

Look over the top performers’ pedestal pumps we list to save you time among the thousands of options with various sizes and horsepower options. Trust us because we care for our readers’ time and peace and bring them well-tested and appreciated products. Here is our rightly chosen list of the best home pedestal sump pumps.

Before investing in a suitable pedestal pump for your home, please check how a pedestal pump work and how you can replace the pump with the new one. Continue Reading…

Best Pedestal Sump Pump for Home Use / List of 7

  1. Best constructionK2 Pumps SPP05001K 1/2 HP Steel Pedestal Sump Pump:
  2. Best BudgetSuperior Pump 92551 1/2 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump:
  3. Best OverallZoeller 585-0005 Aquanot II Pedestal Sump Pump System:
  4. Best in PedestalStar 3CEH 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch:
  5. Best BudgetZoeller Old Faithful 84 Pedestal Pump:
  6. Best InstallationSuperior Pump 92553 1/2 HP Pedestal Pump:
  7. Best BudgetECO-FLO Products EPP33 Pedestal Sump Pump:

Buying Guide for the Perfect Selection

Make a wise decision to protect your home from water damage by choosing the right pump among many different types and models available in the market. In this buying guide, we will discuss the key features to look for in a sump pump to help you make an informed decision:

Below are the features to look for in the home pedestal sump pump before buying:


The first and most important feature to consider when selecting a sump pump is its capacity; ensure it is high enough to carry the pumping needs for water in your area. It is typically measured in gallons per minute or hour. For this, consider the size of your sump pit and the amount of water that needs to be pumped out to ensure that the pump you choose can handle the job correctly.


Another crucial factor to consider is the sump pump’s power, which must be higher enough to pump water efficiently and in less time. A pump with higher horsepower ratings results in greater pumping capacity and faster water removal.


Moreover, also pay attention to the construction material of the sump pump. Pumps can have different construction materials, such as cast iron, thermoplastic, or stainless steel.

Each has its own benefits, and there are no specific differences among them except for the ability to cool down or distribute heat more quickly. Also, the pumps made of different construction materials vary in price, so choose according to your budget.

Switch Type:

Usually, two types of switches are typically present in sump pumps: a float switch and a pressure switch. The Float switches are to turn the pump on when the water level in the sump pit rises, and the pressure switches activate the pump when the water pressure in the discharge pipe drops. Choose the two types of controls specific to your needs and preferences.

Backup System:

In case of a power outage, a backup system, such as a battery backup or water-powered backup pump, is an exceptional option to help ensure that your basement stays dry even if the primary pump fails.

Noise Level:

The noise level of a sump pump is also an essential element; look for models with low noise levels during operation or sound-dampening features to minimize noise.

Affordable Price:

Usually, pedestal pumps are not too expensive; just the difference in construction material exists, so choose the pump suitable to your budget.


Furthermore, choose a pump that has easy installation and maintenance.

Now let’s dive into the reviews section to check each product review with a full description, key features, pros, and cons.

1. K2 Pumps SPP05001K 1/2 HP Steel Pedestal Sump Pump: Best construction

best pedestal sump pump for home use

Product Specs:

  • Brand: GP Enterprises Co., Ltd.
  • Item Weight ‎24.8 pounds
  • Material: ‎Cast Iron
  • Power Source: ‎Ac
  • Voltage: 115 Volts
  • Horsepower: 0.5 hp
  • Warranty Description: ‎3 Years

With its top-notch stainless steel construction, K2 Pump is the best pedestal sump pump for home use. The robust steel construction of the pedestal pump helps it bear the harsh condition and prevent corrosion or rust.

The Pump needs to be rust resistant as the sump pump gets a constant intact with water. Otherwise, it will be helpful for only a short span. The K2 pumps are the best choice if you want a long-lasting service for the pedestal pump. Also, it is the best choice for above-ground style, which helps to keep it protected from harsh underground conditions.

Moreover, to its well-made reconstruction with stainless steel, the K2 pedestal pump is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron, with a stainless steel motor shaft that ensures fast water pumping for the long term. The heavy-duty construction provides the strength to pump more water in less time.

Key Features:

  • The Pump features a PSC motor with thermal overload protection, which keeps the motor cool down on heavy-duty without overheating.
  • It is straightforward to install a well-made pump with the help of simple instructions mentioned in the helping book provided with the Pump.
  • This is highly adjustable in a basin with great convenience due to the presence of an eight ft. power cord.

Recurring Problems:

The Pump is easy to install, but once installed in the basin, it can be challenging to access the tiny screw to adjust the height of the float. But it would be ok with the time.


  • Heavy-duty Pump
  • Top-notch construction
  • Easy to install
  • Runs quietly
  • Fast pumping capacity
  • Convenient Adjustment


  • Sometimes it isn’t easy to adust the height of the float.

2. Superior Pump 92551 1/2 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump: Best Budget

best pedestal sump pump home hardware

Product Specs:

  • Brand: ‎Superior Pump
  • Item Weight: ‎16.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 36 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Style: ‎Stainless
  • Material: ‎Metal
  • Power Source: ‎Corded Electric
  • Horsepower: ‎0.5 hp

Superior Pump HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump is the best pedestal sump pump home hardware because of its sturdier cast iron construction. With great strength to bear harsh conditions, the pump promises long-term usage.

It is proven as the best choice for a user-friendly budget by users’ experience. This pump’s stainless body style ensures its strength to be immune to rust and corrosion and withstand challenging conditions. 

Another amazing feature is its high capacity to discharge up to 3600 gallons of water per hour. This high pumping capacity shows it is a heavy-duty pump on which you can rely on challenging conditions like recurrent flooding.

However, the pump is available with a temperature handling limitation. That is, it can handle liquids up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. With rugged stainless steel and cast iron construction, this pump has great features like a non-corrosive, solid steel drive shaft, float ball, and impeller.

Key Features:

  • This superior pump is highly sturdy in its construction with the superpower to bear challenging conditions.
  • Its fully adjustable automatic switch makes its operation convenient for users.
  • With great strength and durability, this pump is useful for the long term due to its construction built to last.

Recurring Problem:

Some customers claimed a tricky and time-consuming installation for this pump. Also, its installation needs some tool that is annoying for some users.

  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • High pumping capacity
  • Sturdier construction
  • Ideal dimensions
  • Enhanced pumping capacity
  • The pump is taller than regular pumps, covering more vertical space.
  • The put-together for this pump is a trick and needs tools.

3. Zoeller 585-0005 Aquanot II Pedestal Sump Pump System: Best Overall

best home pedestal sump pump


  • Brand: ‎Zoeller
  • Item Weight: ‎0.01 ounces
  • Dimensions: ‎9.5 x 9.5 x 32.5 inches
  • Power Source: ‎Battery Powered
  • Horsepower: ‎0.33 hp
  • Flow Rate: ‎48 Gallons Per Minute

Zoeller Aquanot II battery backup pedestal sump pump is the best home pedestal sump pump with excellent performance. It is the best-selling pump due to its top-notch construction.

The pump has extra protection that comes into use when your primary pump fails for any reason. With an interruption-free performance, this pump is enriched with special features.

Moreover, it comes with one of the most reliable and well-established battery backup systems that free the hassle in challenging times of power outage. This pump has a heavy-duty function, which means it can manage heavy water loads without malfunctioning.

Besides a great pumping capacity, this pump is best for long spans and constant water discharging.

A big plus for this pump is all the amazing features available on a very user-friendly budget. Overall, the pump is much sturdier in construction than the average pump so you can choose it confidently for your home.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with excellent performance, this is the best selling home depot pedestal sump pump
  • The pump has a very sturdier and more durable construction that makes it a lasting option
  • It is the more reliable, dependable, and quieter pump with its fluent operation.
  • High-quality pump
  • Well-built design
  • Efficient performance
  • Excellent features
  • Modest price range
  • Heavy duty pump


  • The motor creates noise during work.
  • More power usage can enhance the billing cost but work more than a low-power pump.

4. Star 3CEH 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch: Best in Dimensions

The best pedestal sump pump for home use

Product Specs:

  • Brand: ‎Star Water Systems
  • Item Weight: ‎14.4 pounds
  • Material: ‎Thermoplastic
  • Power Source: ‎Ac/dc
  • Voltage: ‎115 Volts
  • Horsepower: ‎0.3333
  • Flow Rate: ‎58 Gallons Per Minute

Star 3CEH 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pump is the best pedestal sump pump for home use with a longer life expectancy. It has a vertical float switch that ensures convenience in its operation and allows freedom with automatic functioning.

Due to the automatic management of on\off pump cycles by the vertical floating switch, it is best for saving time and energy for the user. It is considered our best pick as an under-budget offer because all the attractive features are available at an optimal price. 

Additionally, the pump has an extra high-efficiency motor that can manage heavy-duty operations with uninterrupted operations. Besides with efficient motor, it has thermal overload protection to prevent system overheating.

It has efficient working components, including a durable shaft that securely fits the impeller and a top suction strainer that filters out debris efficiently.

Most important of all, the pump is durable and long-lasting due to its top-notch construction, so anyone can choose this best-selling product confidently to get a dry and healthy environment.

Key Features:

  • The pump has a proper mechanism to manage fluent substance discharging outside with an open-type non-clogging multi-vane impeller.
  • It is a heavy-duty pump, efficient for constant use, and able to manage huge water gallons per hour.
  • With a very convenient and efficient automatic operation, it saves the time and energy of the user.

Recurrent problem:

Some users claimed improperly mentioned instructions that do not provide accurate guidance about the installation and requirements for the pump.

  • Efficient functioning
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Highly durable
  • Fluent and uninterrupted
  • Convenient adjustment 
  • Remarkable features
  • Inaccurate instructions
  • The pump is small in size

5. Zoeller Old Faithful 84 Pedestal Pump: Best Budget

best pedestal sump pump for a home


  • Brand: ‎Zoeller
  • Item Weight: ‎23.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎35.75 x 9.25 x 10.75 inches
  • Material: ‎Cast Iron
  • Power Source: ‎Ac/dc
  • Horsepower: ‎0.5
  • Flow Rate: ‎59 Gallons Per Minute

Zoeller Old Faithful Pedestal Pump is the best pedestal sump pump for a home with a longer life expectancy. It has ideal dimensions and can be adjusted to small crawl spaces.

Having an extra efficiency motor, this pump provides fluent functioning. It has great features, including- a metal enclosed, split phase motor, permanently lubricated and thermal overload protected.

Thermal overload protection is one of the most remarkable features of this pump that ensures heat management through distribution while working to prevent burnouts.

Also, it is constructed with heavy-duty thermoplastic or cast iron housing that shows its strength to bear challenging conditions. The pump is highly durable and portable for sturdier and tough construction, along with a compact system that holds the components together and eases the installation. 

Key Features:

  • The pump’s sturdier construction makes it capable of withstanding harsh and challenging conditions.
  • With cast iron housing, this pump has a longer life expectancy, which means it is serviceable for a longer span.
  • It is a cost-effective option that saves energy, time, and money with amazing features and optimal prices.

Recurrent Problem:

Some people claimed the annoying sound created by the motor while working and cheap packaging on the arrival of the pump.

  • Easy to install
  • Convenient adjustment
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Quiet and dependable pump
  • Top-notch construction
  • Highly durable
  • The pump has a noisy motor because of its high efficiency.
  • It may reach pretty weak and cheap packaging.

6. Superior Pump 92553 1/2 HP Pedestal Pump: Best Installation

pedestal sump pump for home use


  • Manufacturer: ‎Superior Pump
  • Item Weight: ‎16.47 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎3 x 1 x 2 inches
  • Material: ‎Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: ‎AC
  • Horsepower: ‎0.5

Superior Pump Thermoplastic pump is a perfect choice with its efficient and ideal overall performance. Superior pumps are prioritized for their top-notch construction and great quality. This pump has a great pumping ability with its heavy-duty feature. 

In addition to good build quality, it has a powerful suction and efficient motor that sets high on a pedestal. It runs quietly and works well, and can be installed easily. Overall, it is a good option for its performance.

Key Features:

  • This highly reliable pump is fluent in its operation
  • It has a great pumping capacity of about 3600 gallons per hour
  • Tough thermoplastic construction ensures its long-lasting service

Recurring Problem:

Some users claimed that the noisy motor that creates an awful voice while working.

  • Long lasting pump
  • Top-notch construction
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Compact system
  • The pump has a noisy motor

7. ECO-FLO Products EPP33 Pedestal Sump Pump: Best Budget

pedestal sump pump for home


  • Brand: ‎Eco Flo
  • Item Weight: ‎1 pound
  • Dimensions:‎ 31.16 x 7.87 x 31.16 inches
  • Power Source: ‎AC
  • Horsepower: ‎1.00
  • Water Consumption: ‎3600 Gallons per Hour

ECO-FLO Products EPP33 Pedestal Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch is the best pedestal sump pump for home with its friendly budget. It is a great pump for basement sumps, with ideal dimensions for quick and convenient adjustments.

A great plus point is the top-mounted adjustable float switch that makes its operation easy and fluent. It has a safe operating mechanism, quick installation, and sturdy construction.

Key Features:

  • The pump’s vertical float switch provides automatic operation, saving time and energy.
  • It has an efficient and sturdy working mechanism.
  • With a friendly budget, it is an attractive option for homeowners seeking quality products and amazing features for an optimal budget.

Recurrent Problem:

Some people claimed less sturdy plastic construction for this pump; sometimes it happens because of rough use.

  • Easy to install
  • Efficient performance
  • High quality
  • Convenient adjustments
  • Ideal dimensions
  • Friendly budget
  • The plastic construction may be less sturdy.
  • There can be a delay in shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Pedestal Sump Pumps good or bad?

Pedestal pumps can be good or bad, but their advantages outweigh the disadvantages. They are suitable for providing a secure drainage system but can fail during a power outage, so you have to repurchase a battery. Choosing a reliable and high-quality pedestal pump is always a helpful option.

Can a Pedestal Sump Pump get wet?

Yes, a pedestal pump can get wet except for the motor part.

Final Thoughts:

It will be a wise investment to buy a sump pump to protect your home from flooding and water damage. In this article, we help you know the essential features you need to know when selecting a pump.

It’s necessary to consider components such as capacity, power, switch type, material, backup system, and noise level to ensure that you choose a reliable, high-quality model that can withstand heavy usage and harsh conditions.

By following the above guidelines, you will be confident of your choice because we ensure to prepare you for an informed decision to choose a sump pump that will provide years of reliable service and protection for your home.

Pedestal Sump Pump:


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