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Superior Pump 92551 1/2 hp Cast Iron Pedestal Pump Review

Superior Pump 92551 1/2 hp Cast Iron Pedestal Pump Review

The Superior Pump 92551 is a pedestal sump pump with a 1/2 HP stainless steel and cast iron motor that can move up to 3600 gallons of water per hour. It’s got a Stainless steel drive shaft, impeller, and float ball, plus a metal switch arm for extra durability, making it perfect for challenging environments.  

This powerful pump can handle liquids up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for use in any space where water accumulation is a problem. With its lightning-fast speed and efficiency, you’ll quickly say goodbye to wet floors and flooded basements!

It’s got an unbelievably precise construction, not to mention its powerful motor – it packs a punch when it comes to pumping power! This pump is certified by UL/CUL and CSA, so you know it’s reliable and efficient. This is the one for you if you’re looking for a sump pump that can handle anything. Get ready to experience superior performance and reliability!

Superior Pump 92551 Features and Specs: 

● 1/2 HP stainless steel and cast iron pedestal sump pump

● Can move water up to 3600 gallons per hour

● Cast iron base

● Fully adjustable automatic switch

● Metal switch arm for strength and durability


● Moves up to 3,600 gallons per hour

● Can handle liquids up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit

● Durable stainless steel  

● Non-corrosive

● 1-1/2 inch NPT discharge


● Not suitable for use in a small sump pit

Superior Pump 92551 1/2 hp Cast Iron Pedestal Pump

Size and Capacity: 

Ensure the pump you pick can handle what you’re throwing at it. You want to avoid skimping on power, and the whole system blows up in your face. Check that everything will fit together before you buy anything, or you might need help with many useless parts.

And finally, make sure your drainage setup can cope with whatever volume of water the pump will be moving. If any of this needs to be done right, stuff could start breaking quickly and cost you a lot of money.

Durability and Construction:

Another thing to look at is how solid and well-built the pump is. It’s made from rigid materials like thermoplastic and stainless steel, so it can last a long time without breaking down or being scratched.

Plus, the motor must be sealed tight, so dangerous stuff can’t get in and wreck it. And finally, the impeller should be durable, too, just in case anything gets stuck in there while it’s running.

Superior Pump 92551 1/2 hp DURABILITY AND CONSTRUCTION

How to Install:

To install the Superior Pump 92551, you need to follow a few steps: disconnect the power supply to the old pump, remove it and any debris from the sump pit, carefully insert the new pump into the sump pit, making sure it’s level, connect discharge pipe to pump with PVC glue, attach check valve, so there’s no backflow, submerge sump pit with water (turning on float switch in the process), and voila! You should now have a working Superior Pump 92551.

Read more about the installation process of a pedestal sump pump here.

Troubleshooting and Potential Problems: 

If the Superior Pump 92551 isn’t working, there might be a few reasons. There may be no power, or the float switch is stuck or broken. Sometimes pump impellers get clogged up, and the pump doesn’t work well.

To fix it, check Power Supply and the float switch, clear obstructions, inspect the impeller for any damage, examine the discharge pipe & check the valve for cracks/leaks, etc. If that doesn’t help, consult a professional to determine what’s wrong.

Pedestal Sump Pump:


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