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How to Install a Pedestal Sump Pump? 5 Easy Steps to Install a Pedestal Sump Pump

How to Install a Pedestal Sump Pump

How to install a pedestal sump pump seems complicated for those who have yet to have the experience of installing a pump, but following instructions properly is a matter of breath. According to experts, pedestal sump pumps are a proper solution for irritating and poor drainage systems.

The main advantage of having a pedestal sump pump is getting rid of the headache of standing water in basements built into the ground with poor drainage.

A flooded crawl space can create health issues by creating an open environment for mosquitos leading to diseases like malaria or damaging the building structure. Installing a pedestal sump pump can help you avoid the problem of standing water in your basement due to poor drainage. 

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To carry out the process of installation, you have to have beforehand preparation like the knowledge of requirements for tools needed during installation, such as

● Pedestal Sump Pump

● Check Valve (optional)

● PVC Pipe

● Screwdriver

● Utility Knife

● Bucket or Garden Hose

● Water

● Tape Measure

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install it:

How to Install a Pedestal Sump Pump?

If you’re looking for the most straightforward way to learn the technique for installing a pedestal sump pump, then stay with us to understand the various ways to do this. Let’s look at a few ways to pedestal sump pump installation

Pick the Right Place:

Choose a location near an outside wall and an electrical outlet. Remove and disconnect the old pump properly if replacing an existing pedestal sump pump.

Cleaning the Sump:

Clean the sump to prevent debris from interfering with the new pump. Check the sump’s depth and ensure it’s adequate for the new pump. If you need to dig a new sump, break up the concrete and dig to the appropriate depth range.

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Measuring the Length of the PVC Pipe:

Measure the size of the PVC pipe needed to run the discharge line from the sump pump to the outside house. Install a discharge outlet using a proper PVC adapter.

Positioning the Sump Pump:

Position the pedestal sump pump into the sump, ensuring the float switch has enough room to move freely. Install a check valve if needed, then connect the outlet line to the discharge line using an appropriately flexible connector. Change the Pedestal Sump Pump Switch in a few easy steps in the selected link.

Testing the Pedestal Sump Pump:

Secure the discharge line and plug in the sump pump. Test the pump by tipping water into the sump and turning it on to check its operation. Check that the water is correctly discharged outside the house. Finally, check the pump periodically to ensure it functions perfectly and clear any debris or obstructions from the sump.

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When installing a pedestal sump pump, it’s essential to follow the instructions mentioned in the help book provided by the company and take all necessary safety precautions.

Wear safety glasses and work boots when breaking up concrete or handling sharp tools. If you find installing the pump yourself challenging, you can take a plumber’s help.


In conclusion, installing a pedestal sump pump is simple. Following the above steps, you can install a pedestal sump pump quickly and ensure that your basement remains dry even during heavy rainfall.

If you’re wondering about the problem, that is: how do you install a pedestal sump pump, the above guide has your answer. Installing a pedestal pump will make your surrounding healthy and prosperous by making life comfortable.


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